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The Saddler’s Spring-Summer 2023 Collection unleashes a sense of courage and audacity. These feelings are represented by women that love challenges and traveling to new places with no fear. They leave a permanent mark wherever they go and in whomever they touch.
The Saddler’s 2023 Spring-Summer collection is daring, sensual and unforgettable.

There is a woman walking in a small town in Texas
who is charmed by the style of an unknown woman,
a fortune teller.

She spoils others future and past through archetypes and icons.
Cards are her tool and way of meaning to understand

the surrounding.
She can answer your questions whether trivial
or profund.
You only have to stop and take a deep breath,
'cause your life is about to change.

Life is like a wheel of fortune,
and this is your chance to spin it.

You don't know where it is going to land,
but Carmen does.

You just have to ask her,
if you are ready to ear the answer.

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