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The Saddler Is GREEN!

Each pair of THE SADDLER's shoes is entirely handmade in Italy respecting the traditional techniques of a historic shoe factory based in Parma. It aims daily to improve its sustainable commitment by minimizing the environmental impact of the entire production system and taking care of the health and safety of all its employees. The set of resources is characterized by a high prevalence of pink quotas and multiethnic influences of various backgrounds.

Each production step is constantly the subject of study and analysis aimed at identifying possible improvements that will allow us to grow without harming the environment. The ideational process of each collection originates from the materials already in stock in order to avoid waste or unnecessary accumulation.

The energy needed to complete our production chain comes largely from renewable sources, but the goal is to achieve complete autonomy from external electrical suppliers. Ongoing research also takes place on the raw materials front in favor of a product that is, one tomorrow, 100% eco-friendly.

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